Better Engineers

Better Engineering through Leadership

Engineers create solutions for the world’s needs and problems. For every engineering project, teams of engineers and scientists are assembled from various disciplines to combine their expertise and work toward a common goal. Every engineering team needs a competent engineering manager who can effectively lead the team to maximum productivity and efficiency, as well as keep the goals top-of-mind and ensure that the project is completed according to budget and schedule.

Some of the best engineering managers are those who have previously worked as engineers before transitioning into a managerial position. These engineering managers understand the complex nature of engineering projects as well as the dynamics of coordinating and administrating a multidisciplinary engineering team. Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management degree prepares these successful engineering managers to move into leadership roles and accept these new managerial challenges.

This unique degree program prepares engineers to “Do It Better” by improving their team dynamics and relationships, optimizing individual processes, and uniting these improved processes to create better systems, ultimately leading to better results. Consistent better results spearheaded by a successful manager often leads to the advancement of some or all of the team.

Aerospace Engineering

If it’s manmade and it flies, it was made by an aerospace engineer. Multidisciplinary engineering teams build and create some of the world’s most technologically advanced vehicles.

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Civil Engineering

Since ancient times, teams of civil engineers have constructed the world’s cities, built our transportation infrastructure, and transformed our environment.

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Computer Engineering

The technology that runs our world is developed by computer engineers. Teams of computer engineers push technology to new heights, creating faster, more efficient computer systems.

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Electrical Engineering

Where would we be without electricity? Electrical engineers wire our world, develop new electrical systems, and keep the power flowing into our lives.

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General Engineering

Although most engineers typically specialize in one field of engineering, general engineering encompasses a basic set of protocols and procedures common to all engineers.

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Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers focus on the optimization of business processes and systems because in their world, inefficiency equals lost time, resources and money.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers apply engineering concepts to create functional, efficient machines and systems. Learn how leadership is essential to creating the machines that run our world.

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Software Engineering

At this moment you’re actively using a product a team of software engineers created. Leadership is important in this field because teamwork is important for delivering functional, bug-free software applications.

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