Industrial Engineering

Optimizing Our World

More than any other engineering field, industrial engineers focus on business-oriented disciplines in additional to the technical aspects. Industrial engineers are employed in almost every industry including manufacturing, health care, construction, and technology.

Often, within a few years at a company, industrial engineers will become strong candidates for technical supervisory or engineering management positions because their work is more related to management than most other engineering disciplines. It’s a natural professional progression for an industrial engineer, because engineering management utilizes both fundamental engineering principles and specializes in the analysis and optimization of processes and systems.

Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management is a natural fit for industrial engineers, especially because the program is hosted in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Industrial engineers pursuing this degree program learn the skills to optimize processes and systems that they deal with everyday within core classes such as Six Sigma and Quality Systems. In other core classes such as Engineering Writing and Project Management, they learn the communication, teambuilding and leadership skills to advance to the next professional level in their careers.

If you have questions or want more information about Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management program fill out the form on this page or call 1-877-273-1291 for assistance from an Ohio University enrollment advisor.

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