A Neural Network Job-Shop Scheduler

By Gary Weckman, Chandrasekhar Ganduri, David Koonce


This paper focuses on the development of a neural network (NN) scheduler for scheduling job-shops. In this hybrid intelligent system, genetic algorithms (GA) are used to generate optimal schedules to a known benchmark problem. In each optimal solution, every individually scheduled operation of a job is treated as a decision which contains knowledge. Each decision is modeled as a function of a set of job characteristics (e.g., processing time), which are divided into classes using domain knowledge from common dispatching rules (e.g., shortest processing time). A NN is used to capture the predictive knowledge regarding the assignment of operation’s position in a sequence. The trained NN could successfully replicate the performance of the GA on the benchmark problem. The developed NN scheduler was then tested against the GA, Attribute-Oriented Induction data mining methodology and common dispatching rules on a test set of randomly generated problems. The better performance of the NNscheduler on the test problem set compared to other methods proves the feasibility of NN-based scheduling. The scalability of the NN scheduler on larger problem sizes was also found to be satisfactory in replicating the performance of the GA. Click here to read more about a Neural Network Job-Shop Scheduler.

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