Process Focused Curriculum

Create better processes by studying the concepts and techniques that deliver verifiable results. Learn to lead while delving into the tools and techniques for process improvement with the Six Sigma problem-solving methodology. Develop your project management skills to effectively utilize resources, and focus on the protecting your work with an understanding of engineering law.

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Six Sigma

This course presents an introduction to the Six Sigma DMAIC problem-solving methodology, including examples in a wide range of organizations. Topics covered include tools and techniques for product and process improvement and the application of basic and advanced statistics to problem solving.

Project Management

This course focuses on the development and utilization of network techniques, such as PERT and CPM, to schedule activities, develop financial budgets, allocate resources, and control progress and costs of practical projects. Students are introduced to using computer programs that generate and track project schedules.

Engineering Law

This course focuses on the study of the legal system, including domestic and international environments of intellectual property policy (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets) torts and various sources of personal, facility, products and enterprise liability; contracts and issues arising from various types of contractual relationships and aspects of administrative law (dealing with agencies) and employment law.

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