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Every engineering project should begin with thorough research; just ask Associate Professor Dale T. Masel, an outstanding Industrial and Systems Engineering Researcher in the Engineering Management program. Research provides a knowledge base on which to build to obtain better long-term results in our processes and systems. Learn more about Dale and the other faculty of Ohio University’s online Engineering Management Program on our Engineering Management faculty page.

Dale Masel, Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

Dale Masel is an associate professor within the Ohio University online Master of Engineering Management degree program. He holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from Penn State University in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toledo in the same field. His expertise lies in developing better methods and educating students on how to improve the design and operations of distribution centers and other material handling systems. By creating, testing and standardizing these systems and processes, the system is optimized to yield better results.

Dr. Masel is currently managing millions of dollars of research work for a multi-billion dollar corporation to develop better methods for designers to estimate cost for products such as jet engines, steam turbines, and wind turbines. He has been invited multiple times to attend the Material Handling Research Colloquium, and he presented at the 2009 Material Handling Teacher’s Institute at the University of Arkansas. He has also developed a lab-based course to teach students how to apply lean methods through hands-on activities, and his conference paper to describe this course received the “Best Paper” award from the IE Division of the American Society of Engineering Education in 2008.

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