Better Systems

Leading the Way, Putting it All Together

To develop quality systems, engineers create, test and standardize a series of processes that unite to form a complete system. Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management program equips you to become an engineering leader with the knowledge and tools that are necessary to efficiently create, optimize, and manage complex systems. Whether you’re leading people or managing resources, workers, products, data, time, information, equipment, or energy, you’ll learn to make it all work together.

Systems-Based Curriculum

Better systems are the result of leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to quality. This curriculum is focused on courses designed to help you lead the way to more effective system design.

  • Quality Systems
  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Statistics
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Faculty Spotlight

Our engineering management program is administered by industry-experienced educators, like industrial engineer David A. Koonce, Ph.D., who is committed to helping our students advance engineering leadership.

  • David Koonce
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Student Profile – Better Systems

This should be a student profile focusing on better systems.

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Engineering in Action – Systems

See how our faculty and staff are doing it better every day by reading some of their work, including engineering case studies and articles.

  • A Hierarchical Cost Estimation Tool
  • Semantic Breakdown of RFID Functionality to Support Application Development
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