Team Building Curriculum

Learn to lead with an advanced education focused on the unique management and administrative skills that get results from your engineering team. Study Engineering Statistics to design valid experiments, focus on Engineering Writing to develop critical thinking, communication skills, and your understanding of leadership with the Foundations of Engineering Management course.

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Engineering Statistics

This course prepares engineering management students to design statistically valid experiments and to analyze the results of those experiments. Topics will include basic probability theory, confidence, hypothesis testing, regression, and analysis of variance.

Principal Instructor: Diana Schwerha, Assistant Professor

Engineering Writing

This course helps you to develop the ability to think critically as a professional communicator by asking appropriate questions that will enable you to understand, develop, and produce effective communication using the following elements of thought: purpose, basic concepts, information sources and needs, underlying assumptions, inferences/conclusions, implications/consequences, points of view, questions raised and addressed. A significant component of ethics is also included throughout this course. (3 credit hours)

Foundations of Engineering Management

The objective of this course is to help you develop an overall understanding of managing engineering and technology. It is designed to teach engineers the management skills they need to be effective throughout their careers. It introduces the ways in which management principles are applied in the kinds of work they are most likely to encounter. Also included are aspects of globalization and how culture changes engineering management.

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