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        Complete your master's degree online in as few as two years.
          Earn your
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)
          online at OHIO’s Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ College of Engineering and Technology to learn the impact of applying advanced mathematical and scientific principles. Explore more complex engineering systems in greater depth with an optional concentration in
Electronic Navigation Systems.
            In the Russ College’s
            program you’ll learn how to design, develop, and evaluate electrical and electronic systems for a variety of applications. You’ll learn how to design and develop intelligent transportation systems through the
study of GPS and GPS-alternative navigation-based techniques. MSEE online program overview:
                      • Complete your MSEE program 100% online
                      • No GRE required (for qualified applicants)
                      • Learn from experienced engineering faculty
                      • Focus on electrical and electronic systems
                          In today’s tech-driven world, electrical engineers are in a prominent position to create global change. It’s a position of responsibility and unprecedented opportunity. In
Ohio University’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering online program
                          , we view engineering as a creative enterprise that can positively impact the world. We teach engineers how to solve complex yet practical problems, taking into account the entire life cycle from production to consumption to disposal.
Why choose the OHIO University MSEE program?#1. Historic Reputation. Legendary Endowment.
                                Few other engineering programs in the nation can compete with the historic reputation and transformational endowment of the Russ College. In fact, the Russ College is home of one of the world’s top honors in bioengineering, the National Academy of Engineering’s Russ Prize, which in 1942 OHIO engineering graduate Fritz Russ, and his wife, Dolores, modeled after the Nobel Prize. They showed their confidence in our college with a $124 million estate bequest -
the largest charitable gift to a public engineering college in the United States.
                                This endowment enables us to make special investments in our students and the future of the engineering and technology professions.
#2. Navigate a brighter future.
                                  Here at OHIO, we offer a unique concentration in Electronic Navigation Systems. We designed our leading program around the expertise of our faculty and what each of us could bring to the classroom. We realize that to be successful, engineers need more than math and science. That’s why we teach students how to solve open-ended engineering problems in the design, development, integration, and evaluation of complex electronic systems. Everything needs to be engineered with precision and accuracy—even our curriculum.
#3. We’re visionary thinkers and doers.
                                    Here at the Russ College, we are not just theoreticians. We are meta-engineers who consider all aspects of a design and apply our knowledge to improve them. This is why we have a fleet of six aircraft on which to test our electronic navigation systems. It’s not enough for us to just formulate an idea. We’ll test it, improve it, and ensure that it works. And our students consistently win national competitions for their work on autonomous vehicles.
About our grads
                                        The Russ College’s electrical engineering program has built a strong reputation over the last 120 years. The success of our graduates is evidence of the high-quality, student-centered learning experience delivered here. They work at many of the world’s top-performing companies, such as Boeing, NASA, Apple and Intel, and are recruited and regarded for their exceptional leadership abilities. They’re innovators and entrepreneurs who develop patents, discover breakthroughs, and build companies.
Why choose the Russ College for your master’s degree in Electrical Engineering?
                                            Our goal is not simply to train engineers who are technical experts, but to educate meta-engineers who create for good. The
MS in Electrical Engineering
                                            at OHIO is designed to produce graduate-level electrical engineers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to research, design, develop, and test new products in a wide range of technologies and industry applications – and poised to become leaders. This is a non-thesis program of study that consists of technical courses that are engineered for the experienced professional. In this program, you can:
                                            • Broaden your career potential with an in-depth understanding of diverse disciplines.
                                            • Expand your technical expertise by working with renowned researchers on state-of-the-art technologies.
                                            • Learn a wide variety of topics from electronic navigation systems, computer engineering, novel nano-optoelectronic devices, systems and signal processing.
Why do electrical engineers need master’s degrees?
                                                  In today’s dynamic field of electrical engineering, a master’s level education is expected. A bachelor’s degree alone cannot equip students with the in-depth expertise that is necessary for today’s most pressing engineering challenges. Typically, the most advanced projects in organizations go to the engineers with the highest levels of education, training, and experience.
What are the career possibilities?
                                                      Our graduates have built careers at the world’s top companies. Apple, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Intel are just a few of the places where our graduates are creating for good. MSEE online program graduates will be prepared for advancement in the field, stepping out as well-educated and experienced electrical, electronics, or computer engineers. Russ College graduates already are highly sought after for their multi-disciplinary knowledge, with expertise in a range of areas from global positioning systems to the latest cell phone technology.
                                                        Electrical engineers solve complex challenges across many disciplines. Every industry relies on intricately engineered systems that often contain embedded computing devices and sophisticated software. These systems need to be designed, validated, and continuously improved, especially as technology advances. The applications of these techniques and technologies range from the consumer electronics industry to the automotive and aviation industries.
Find out why our graduates have built leading careers at the world’s top companies and organizations, such as:
                                                                                      • Apple
                                                                                      • Boeing
                                                                                      • Intel
                                                                                      • Lockheed Martin
                                                                                      • NASA
                                                                                      • Rockwell-Collins
                                                                                      • John Deere Intelligent Vehicle Systems
                                                                                      • Honeywell

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