Engineering Management Courses

A Complete Engineering Management Education

The Ohio University Master of Engineering Management online program consists of 10 courses that can be completed in as little as 20-months. The program is an in-depth study of engineering technical skills and specific management techniques for engineers.

Use the following list of courses to learn more about the engineering management program.

Engineering Statistics

This course is intended to prepare engineering management students to design statistically valid experiments and to analyze the results of those experiments. Topics will include basic probability theory, confidence, hypothesis testing, regression and analysis of variance. (4 credit hours)

Six Sigma

This course presents an introduction to the six sigma DMAIC problem-solving methodology, including examples in a wide range of organizations. Topics include tools and techniques for product and process improvement and the application of basic and advanced statistics to problem solving. (4 credit hours)

Quality Systems

This course will focus on the concepts of total quality management including: philosophies and frameworks of quality management, incorporating quality into strategic planning, leadership, process measurement and management, continuous quality improvement, and ISO 9000. Original writings by major figures in the quality movement, such as Deming, Juran, Taguchi, etc., will be discussed. (3 credit hours)

Information Systems Engineering

This course introduces students to information systems within and across organizations. Information systems provide a primary source of information for management. Students will learn about the phases of design and implementation of information systems, as well as methods for keeping abreast of fast-paced changes in the IT world. (3 credit hours)

Database Information Systems

This course presents methods and procedures for storing and retrieving data in large computerized databases, in support of manufacturing information. It will also cover the entity relationship modeling of database systems, using common notation. Topics include: database design, normalization, SQL and a database development project. (3 credit hours)

Engineering Writing

This course is designed to help you develop the ability to think critically as a professional communicator. Learning to ask appropriate questions will enable you to understand, develop, and produce effective communication using the following elements of thought: purpose, basic concepts, information sources and needs, underlying assumptions, inferences/conclusions, implications/consequences, points of view, questions raised and addressed. Significant ethics discussions are included throughout this course. (3 credit hours)

Project Management

This course focuses on the development and utilization of network techniques, such as PERT and CPM, to schedule activities, develop financial budgets; allocate resources, and control progress and costs of practical projects. Students are introduced to using computer programs that generate and track project schedules. (4 credit hours)

Engineering Law

This course focuses on the study of the legal system including: domestic and international environments of intellectual property policy (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets); torts and various sources of personal, facility, products and enterprise liability; contracts and issues arising from various types of contractual relationships; and aspects of administrative law (dealing with agencies) and employment law. (3 credit hours)

Foundations of Engineering Management

The objective of this course is to help students develop an overall understanding of engineering and technology management skills they will need to be effective throughout their careers. It introduces the ways in which management principles are applied in the kinds of work they are most likely to encounter. Also included are aspects of globalization and how culture changes engineering management. (4 credit hours)

Engineering Management Project (Capstone)

Students are required to work on a project of their own choice in this course. Though not mandatory, they are encouraged to select a real-world engineering problem they are currently facing in their job. Students will report on their project problems, solutions, analyses, results, discussions, and conclusions. (3 credit hours)

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21 Responses to “Engineering Management Courses”

  1. Mahaurazu M says:

    I am an international student in Florida Inter university miami majoring in MEM completed 18 credits units can I transfer to your program to complete MSEM here or abroad?

    • kjanson says:

      Hi Mahaurazu! The best person to answer application questions would be Sonny, your Enrollment Advisor. I will pass this question along to Sonny and she will be in contact with you to discuss transfer credits further!

  2. Ogb Kevin says:

    Hello i am trying to apply for 2012 admission as i hail from an English speaking country in Africa and also have a B-Eng Degree in electrical/Electronics. i have certification in English study so can i study MSEM with your sch as a full time student?
    Also can you wave Gre for me and also inform me of my present tuition if admission is been granted?

    • kjanson says:

      Hi Kevin! The best person to answer application questions would be Sonny, your Enrollment Advisor. I will pass this question along to Sonny and she will be in contact with you to answer your questions!

  3. Kenneth Tirado says:


    I currently hold a BS in Civil Engineering and an MBA in Operations Management. I’m looking at potentially going back to school for another degree and the MEM degree caught my attention (I currently work as the Engineering Manager for a food processing facility).

    I have 2 questions:

    a) Will the MEM degree be the same degree as if I was doing it on campus?
    b) Being a civil engineer, and going through an MBA I have taken plenty of Math and Statistics, will I have to repeat the statistics class?

    Thanks for your time to answering my question.

    Best regards,

    Ken Tirado, PE, MBA

    • kjanson says:

      Hi Ken! We do not offer this degree on campus so if you would like to pursue this degree, you would be taking your classes online. If you would like to see an example of the course, Sonny can provide more information to you. The best person to answer admissions and transfer/waived course questions would also be Sonny Rogers, your Enrollment Advisor. I will pass this question along to Sonny and she will be in contact with you to discuss the requirements further! If you would like to reach her immediately, her contact information is or 1-877-273-1291 Ext. 316.

  4. Anthony A.J. says:

    I currently have an Advanced Technicians Diploma from the City and Guilds Institute London,UK.

    Am i eligible for the online Master of Engineering program?

  5. jeff in florida says:

    i have a bachelors degree in construction technology and would like to take your masters in eng management online. do i pay non resident cost. what is the cost?

  6. richard says:

    I currently have an degree in Undergrad degree in Civil Engineering from OSU. I am looking to get a software based masters degree. Would this be a good fit for me?

  7. Ahamd jaafil says:

    What is the cost per credit for american residents?

  8. C says:

    I have a degree in Geology and I’ve been working as geologist for more than 10 years in several fields (from exploration, mining to environmental and laboratory) I am wondering if a degree in Engineering Management is suited for me at this stage or is better to go through an MBA program? Also is your program targeted to several fields of engineering? e.g. Mining, Environmental? Thanks

  9. Fábio Sá says:


    I am currently head of engineering after 26 years in the field of hydrogeneration. I have got a master degree in Electrical Engineering. I am interested to follow your Engineering Management programm, so who should I talk to in order to get more complete info?

    I live in Brazil.


  10. rudra says:

    Do I need to attend campus program for online management engineering program? If yes,for how many days I have to stay in campus?

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