Online MEM Degree Program

Advancing Leadership in Engineering

Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management program combines the technical aspects of a graduate level engineering program with a unique education focused on the project management and leadership skills relevant to establishing a lasting career as a leader in the engineering world.

The program builds a foundation in advanced engineering concepts as well as the mathematical principles students will need to be effective engineers and cross-disciplinary team leaders. The outline below represents is a technical breakdown of the engineering management degree program.

Program Overview:

  • Complete the program in as little as 20 months
  • Take up to 2 courses per semester
    • The degree program takes students 5 to 15 week terms to complete based on a full course load.
  • 10 Total Courses
    • 4 Prerequisite Courses
    • 5 Core Courses
    • 1 Capstone Course
  • 34 Total Semester (51 Total Quarter) Course Hours

Delivered via an online learning environment, this engineering degree directly connects students to Ohio University’s faculty through in-depth discussions, networking, and coursework. Classes are taught with multimedia applications, such as videos and audio recordings from faculty members, and they incorporate real-world software applications, such as Minitab, Excel, CAD software, etc. The knowledge learned can be immediately applied in your workplace.

Students can also apply up to two graduate classes from any engineering discipline in place of two core classes.

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